Why Raising Authenticity?

Why Raising Authenticity?

Our kids come here with their own blueprint. As parents and caretakers we have the opportunity to witness our children for who they are and guide them into staying true to themselves.

Unfortunately there’s much done to squander children’s true essence as they grow and mature into adulthood.

As a mother to a neurodivergent child I witness firsthand how the message of fixing and molding to fit in is even more prevalent in the special needs community. I’ve been guilty of this too, wanting my child to blend in.

In order to help preserve our kids authenticity we must raise the authenticity within ourselves. And this means questioning our own beliefs and bravely looking into ourselves to see where authenticity has been squandered within us. The process of raising authenticity involves looking thru the muck but also it can be a joyful and beautiful one. When we are leading from our authentic selves we’re then more able to be in awe of our kids’ essence and raise them so they may honor themselves.

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